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I’m launching a FREE 5 Day Challenge!

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you if you haven’t got started with bitcoin or ethereum…

Why am I launching a Challenge?

I’m discovering that about a dozen people who have been following my 101 Blockchain St updates over the last 6-18+ months never bought bitcoin or ethereum.

While they see the exponential potential of bitcoin, blockchain, and other digital assets, they never opened an account or wallet.

Yes, bitcoin’s price seemed high at the time.

And, volatility is always a concern.

Why do I have unwavering faith? You name it, and I’ve probably done it. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

When I felt like I was late to an opportunity, I experienced I’m not. I’m early.

I shorted Amazon from $12 to $7. It seemed overvalued as a bookstore. I took the proceeds and bought something with it. Amazon trades for $3,000 today.

I heard about Google in the summer of 1999 and shared the new website with my friends and family. Five years later, I had a chance to buy into the IPO. I passed. I thought I was late. I had a chance to buy the stock every year since 2004, and I still passed. How much more could it go up, I wondered.

I missed the exponential growth. You probably did too.

Netflix - in the fall of 2012, I wrote a book about How to Fix Netflix. I gave away 1,000+ copies on Amazon. By writing the book, I discovered that there were so many financial concerns with the slowing U.S. subscription rate and increasing cancelations after an ill-time subscription price hike. Yet Netflix was on path of worldwide expansion. Buying the stock seemed like a logical next step, but I believed some of the financial and growth concerns. Entering a new country market isn’t always easy. When the price rose 10% the following week, I felt I had missed the rally. I was already late. At the time, Netflix was trading at $10. It’s now $500+. That’s a 50X ROI.

Apple is one that probably happened to all of us. Everyone had a chance to buy Apple stock, yet we didn’t. In one case, I found out that a person didn’t even know how or where to buy Apple’s stock.

Facebook - we all had a chance to buy for $20. However, I remember saying there’s no way I’m going to use FB forever. About 10 years later, I’m still there as are 2.8 billion other people.

With all this in mind…

I created a FREE 5 Day Challenge to give you the exact steps and sequence of activities to get started with bitcoin, ethereum, or other digital assets.

In five days, you will be set ready to go on your crypto journey.

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