Special Alert - Stacks Airdrop

A launch event I am watching and invested in…. it’s the birth of a project from test net to mainnet. The part I like most is stacks works with the bitcoin blockchain.

Blockstack will launch on mainet on Thursday, January 14th! Expect a well-coordinated marketing campaign with many industry names between now and then. Blockstack has been preparing for this moment for three years!

Register for the event here:

What is Blockstack? See this sponsored review on Altcoin Daily.

Can U.S. citizens purchase stacks? Right now, stacks ($STX) are only traded on a few global exchanges. If you have a VPN and/or international ID, some people can access Binance or KuCoin. I predict that U.S. exchanges, such as Coinbase, will start to trade the stacks token around the time of the mainnet launch. Currently, stacks trade for about $0.51.

As part of the launch event, there will be an airdrop for OKCoin exchange accounts. Register for the airdrop email notification AND sign-up for an account with OKCoin.

Why do I think stacks will be traded on Coinbase? Buried in the endless stream of crypto news from seven weeks ago, here’s why…

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Great to see continued ecosystem adoption of Rosetta, an open-source set of tools we hope will ease development and integration time for both developers and crypto platforms alike.

Muneeb @muneeb

Stacks blockchain now supports Coinbase’s Rosetta standard. Rosetta is an initiative for open-source specifications that make blockchain integrations easy. Compatibility for the win! https://t.co/6bkRoaJ7VJ

Five months earlier…

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Today we’re launching Rosetta (
rosetta-api.org), an open-source specification and set of tools that makes integrating with blockchains simpler, faster, and more reliable. blog.coinbase.com/introducing-ro…