Top 10 Tweets - ETH hits $800, $900, and $1,000

Today is one of my favorite editions.

It’s getting insane out there with this crazy digital money increasing in value so quickly.

Everyone wishes they had bought more—including me!

I start to think of all the things I bought with U.S. dollars or in bitcoin this past year and wish I would have put some of that money into BTC or ETH.

Be careful out there with trade leverage or trying to time the market. All signs of a local top are near—or it’s about to get super crazy as there are increasing sounds of a super cycle and exponential returns.

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10. ETH hits $1,000!

9. Gold or bitcoin?

8. Historical bitcoin price perspective

7. Historical bitcoin Google search perspective

6. STX mining challenge starts soon! Sign-up at the link below! I will. I own STX and want to earn more. In 2 weeks, Blockstack’s mainnet launch will dominate your news feed. They have spent three years preparing for this. Send me an email to learn more. You’ll need a computer (preferably a mac) with 10 GBs.






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Bonus Tweets