Jack Dorsey: Hyperinflation is going to change everything

If prices went up 5% over the next year, what you would do and/or buy today?

If prices went up 10%…

If price went up 15%…

Aren’t prices already up 10-15%?

Last year, we discovered a mattress we bought three years earlier went up 20% since we bought it. After some back and forth and a discount on bulk purchases, we bought SEVEN mattresses! Essentially, we got the same price we would have three years ago.

Yes, I understand, a better investment return would have been bitcoin. I just didn’t want the hassle to buy more mattresses.

Minimum wage with benefits - I see signs for $20 to $22 / hr. Wasn’t there just massive push back on $15/hr minimum wage?

The federal unemployment benefits stopped three months ago? All the people that were supposed to work for an entry level job…where are they?

Supply chain costs and labor shortages…

What if inflation goes up 100% over the next five years?

Yes, everything you buy today is double the price. Some items will increase faster than others.

Next year’s summer beach vacation with no money down and a 3-day free cancelation notice seems expensive…consider the risk-free vacation reservation. You can always cancel it a week before.

Whatever you do…don’t let someone pay you 1% or 2% in interest to borrow your money, so they can earn 50%-500% on your money over five years. Find a way to earn that return yourself. Review your options over the next few weeks, make a decision.





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