Alert: MiamiCoin (MIA) Update

MiamiCoin’s price increased from $0.015 to $0.052! That’s a 250% return in 24 hours!

In a highly volatile market, be sure to use limit orders when buying or selling.

Limit orders are pre-set prices that you enter. If you want to buy at $0.03, enter a buy limit order for $0.03. If the market falls to the price, you’ll buy limit order will be executed—whether you are sleeping, driving, or working.

If you bought at $0.015 yesterday, and then placed a sell limit order in for $0.03, the order would have sold at $0.03. The only issue is the current price is $0.052! You lost $0.022 on the upside.

Overall, set a price where you will buy and sell. This way you don’t have to watch the market every hour and day. Another option is to buy and forget.

For me, I use a mix of all. I trade some. I keep some. In this case, I even used to mine, but now the price of mining is up 2X or 3X.

There are occasions where I use market orders too, but I find they have higher trading fees and I don’t always get the price that I want.

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