MiamiCoin Update 12

Over the last two weeks, MIA has been on the move $0.01 to $0.055 and now back down to $0.0375.

Next stacking cycle cycle starts tomorrow around 12pm EST if you have a Chrome wallet.

For OkCoin MIA stacking, the cycle deadline has already passed. You have 13 days to stack MIA before the next cycle begins.

The Stacks network is a bit slow given that a new NFT collection launched with 10,000 popsicles. Yes, 10,000 popsicles! People buy anything these days, including me!

5,000 popsicles at 10 STX each have already been minted!

The MIA stacking STX rewards will be phenomenal.

Tomorrow between 12pm-3pm, you’ll be able to claim the STX rewards in the Chrome wallet. OkCoin sends the rewards automatically.

For every 10,000 MIA stacked, the estimated STX reward is 83.6 STX for the last two week cycle. That’s 605% APR!!! See the calculations below. It’s crazy!

Mining MIA with a smart contract

Have you tried mining yet? It’s crazy difficult now that 6-10 miners are each bidding 500-1000 STX per 10 min block. Total bids per block is about 5,000 STX.

If you are bidding with 10 STX or 100 STX, your chances are very low.

I used to bid 7 to 21 a few weeks ago. Now, I can’t bid.

What if you there was collective way to bid?

A pool of resources.

Syvita has created and launched a smart contract mining pool that resets every 150 blocks.











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