Alert: MiamiCoin (MIA) Update 7

If you bought MIA coins, you need to decide whether to...

Did you sign-up with Okcoin and buy MiamiCoin?

This week is the most important week for MiamiCoin!

It’s important that you decide whether you are going to trade or stack MIA within the next 24 hours.

If you are trading, it’s been a wild experience going from $0.01 to $0.05 within a few days after its launch on OkCoin Then back to $0.01 earlier this week.

It’s now trading around $0.025.


Not only has MIA price action been wild, MIA mining has increased from 600-800 STX per block (every 10 mins!) to 2,400 to 3,200 per block!

Here’s what’s happening this week, and why it’s so important:

This Monday at 9am EST, the City of Miami Commission will meet and vote on whether to accept the MIA wallet!

There are five commissioners and four votes are required to pass this resolution.

Page 13:

You can watch the event live here: Watch LIVE

There are currently almost $4M dollars in the wallet!

I expect the next 48 hours will be eventful both in terms of voting, price action, and mining STX bids

If you are a Okcoin customer, you may have received this MIA blog update.

Yes, that says 430% APY! It’s an estimated APY based on several assumptions and subject to change.

Either way, read the blog to learn how to stack MIA.

If you plan to trade, best of luck!

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