Top 10 Tweets - Bitcoin at $500 billion vs. global asset market of $90 trillion

Paul Tudor Jones makes bull case for bitcoin: 'The path forward from here is north'

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Investors aren’t here from $20,000 bitcoin. We are here for $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 or some predict $1,000,000 bitcoin. When? Who knows for sure.

Even Warren Buffet predicted DJIA to reach 1,000,000 from 30,000 in 100 years. What are you doing about it? That’s a 33X return over 100 years.

It doesn’t sound impressive… does it?

Now imagine you holding U.S. dollars or any other fiat currency and it loses 99% of its value. You had a choice: stocks, bitcoin, or real estate to keep up with the never ending price increases.

Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.

Economist Milton Friedman




7. This could be you. The family sold everything and bought bitcoin. I don’t recommend this approach. It’s a bit extreme, but makes the perfect news article.

6. This VISA news from yesterday is impressive.

5. Messari is one of my favorite websites out there.