The U.S. Senate vs. crypto infrastructure

Bitcoin, ethereum, and many other crypto projects are rebuilding the world's financial infrastructure from the ground up. This digital financial transformation can’t be achieved with legacy banks and institutions. Only small global teams networked around the world that believe in a mission can achieve this. Think SpaceX and NASA and the cost difference of achieving a similar mission.

There’s no reason for the U.S. Senate to tear it down in favor of legacy institutions that will cost taxpayers 50X to 100X—or even 1000X—the cost to build this new digital financial world.

The focus is obtaining transactional and identity data to calculate capital gains to raise money to pay for the infrastructure bill. I suggest instead that more money could be raised by allowing crypto to organically grow exponentially in the next few years.









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1. Read this full tweet thread (click tweet) as one of the best summaries of the bill language that the U.S. Senate will vote on.

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