Breaking - Earn Bitcoin from Stacks

APY for STX cycle two was 29.74%--paid in BTC

I am publishing the Top 10 tweets on Stacks ($STX).

In cycle 2 of stacking, investors earned 29.74% APY!!!

Scroll down and see the number #1 tweet.

Usually, with staking, you earn U.S. dollars or more of that same token. In the case of Stacks, you earn bitcoin for stacking Stacks!

You can buy Stacks and earn bitcoin on OkCoin.

The next cycle starts in 48 hours.

Here are two other posts where I previously covered Stacks: prior to Cycle 2 & the pre-launch tweets in January.

Yes, I’m well aware that no other U.S. exchange is offering Stacks besides OkCoin. That’s actually a good thing.

Besides buying stacks, you can run a node or build an app!









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Here's, the project @aulneau_ and I have been working on 😀 Everybody's talking yield these days, but the mechanics of Stacking are kinda crazy. Almost hard to believe. So we wanted to make all the data as available as possible.Earn BTC by Stacking STXStacking is a critical part of the Stacks Blockchain. It helps the network reach consensus, stay secure, and process transactions. Stacking is part of the Proof of Transfer (PoX) consensus



Bonus Tweet

Disclaimer: I own Stacks. It’s early. A lot of risk. I didn’t buy Ethereum at a dollar, and Stacks reminds me of where Ethereum was at a dollar. The fact that stacking Stacks earns bitcoin is impressive.