Get Started Now Guide

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  1. Open a Coinbase account.

  2. Upgrade your account to Coinbase Pro for lower fees.

  3. Deposit money from your checking account. Credit cards may charge you fees.

  4. Are you familiar with stock trading? If so, in Coinbase Pro, enter a few buy limit orders at set prices. You can also enter market orders, which will be executed as soon as you enter them. If you aren’t familiar with these order types, click these hyperlinks: limit or market orders.

  5. Secure your Coinbase account with Google Authenticator. Eliminate SMS alerts to authenticate yourself.

  6. Consider using a Yubikey for enhanced online account security.

  7. Open CashApp account. Sign-up for the CashApp debit card to earn bitcoin and cash discounts on weekly purchases. I save 10% on my groceries every week.

  8. Review security settings on all your email accounts and start using Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or the Yubikey.

  9. As always, don’t click on email that you think is SPAM and be watchful for phishing attempts in your email, text messages, or instant messages.

  10. Sign-up for my daily newsletter. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

There are many more things to discover after these first 10 steps.

Stay tune to learn more!

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