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U.S. Federal Regulators Allow National Banks To Back Digital Dollar Stablecoins

I have been on a road trip for 8 weeks and 2 days, so my family and I have gotten to stay at a variety of places during this pandemic—with as minimal contact and as few as people as possible.

Today, we decided to have our place cleaned. The cleaning lady from the hotel did the standard cleaning in about an hour.

When my wife asked, how much did I tip her? I said $20.

She responded, $20 dollars!!!

I said remember when we were in Charleston and that fast food place was looking for help. They were offering $15 dollars an hour with benefits!

In the back of my mind, I thought, I made $4.25 in 1995 (yes, that’s 25 years ago though!).

In any case, I said, do you know how much debt the U.S. government has created?

$26 trillion dollars!!!

That’s $26,000,000,000,000

I said that $20 means more to her than us.

We both agreed.

You may ask why do I tip so well. It’s something I learned at a very young age and have been reminded a few times in my life why tips are so important.

My parents used to work for tips.

I used to work for tips.

But, most of all, I now tip on the generous side because of this…

At the lowest depths of the 2008 economic crisis, my favorite economist Robert Shiller was asked what was the best way to impact the most people. He responded, tip a taxi driver. He added with something like, they need to be optimistic and in good spirits because they see more people a day than you will.

He was right. Those tips will go farther and faster in the economy than $20 spent any other way.

My mom and dad were taxi drivers. I am the kid that benefitted from those tips.











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