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This is lies. My trust in you is broken. I will make you obsolete.









2. Messari Pro charts and data tables are increasingly more insightful and thorough. Click tweet to follow thread:


Beyond digital assets, check out where new companies are raising funds from angel investors. It’s one of the reference links I provide each day. For today, I have removed those links…

Out of 50+, here are the the two companies I invested in today:

$100 for SWIPEBY - “Drive-thru comfort at your favorite restaurant. We turn your favorite restaurants into a virtual drive-thru.”

  • 200+ restaurants across 25 states on the SWIPEBY platform

  • ~$1M raised to date; projected $500k monthly revenue by the end of 2020

  • $1M+ transaction volume in Q2 2020, Up 1,380% from Q1 2020

  • ~4.5% revenue share with partnering restaurants

$250 for Dollarride - “Dollaride serves both drivers and riders. We first help identify unmet consumer demand in transit deserts and incentivize local drivers to expand their service territory to those areas.”

Let me know which companies are of interest to you, and I’ll check them out.