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IMF publishing videos on cryptocurrencies



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I'm excited for my first proposal on right after @AaveAave migration and v2 launch I have lots of ideas... 😈

stani.eth 👻 @StaniKulechov

My first yProposal for @iearnfinance 😍 Adding new aToken yVaults with Credit Delegation to optimise ROI Thanks @AndreCronjeTech for building the smart contracts for Credit Delegation and experimenting strategies! 🥰









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Digital asset reference links:

  • Download the CashApp to buy $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 of bitcoin. You can buy less than 1 BTC (my first purchase was 0.5 BTC).

  • If trading more than $1,000, open a Coinbase Pro, Kraken and/or a Bittrex account. All are similar to a stock trading account.

  • Start using Google Authenticator for your account two-factor authentication security and eliminating your phone number. Also, consider using a Yubikey.

  • Get a hardware wallet: Ledger or Trezor.

  • If the above links are too much to follow, download the Abra app.

  • With the Fold or Lolli apps, earn Bitcoin from your everyday purchases.

  • Earn tokens for watching intro to crypto videos on Stellar & Orchid.

  • Start visiting or CoinGecko for market data and for crypto company disclosures and dashboard analytics. Better yet, download their apps: CoinCap, CoinGecko & Messari.

  • Invest $100 into startup crowdfund campaigns:, StartEngine, or WeFunder.