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Today is one of those days you’ll remember.

It’s a major milestone, pivotal moment. Call it what you will.

MicroStrategy bought $250 million dollars of bitcoin! Not today, but last quarter.

Bitcoin is classified as a treasury reserve asset by MicroStrategy.

I only remember a few days like this…don’t ignore today.

  • Wikileaks accepting bitcoin when they were de-platformed from Visa/Mastercard

  • Ethereum project asking for bitcoin to fund an idea

  • A bunch of investors putting $150+ million into a smart contract

  • DAO hack

  • Mt. Gox hack

  • Marc Andreessen writing, “Why Bitcoin Matters” in the NYTimes.

  • A $35 million dollar Brave ICO getting funded in about 30 seconds

  • Bitcoin’s price reaching $10,000 and then $20,000

  • Ethereum reaching $10, $100, $250, $500, and $1,000

To repeat, MicroStrategy buys $250 million dollars of bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset!


9. You’ve heard of Libor. Have you heard of SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate)? Well, SOFR will impact $200 trillion of securities!

SOFR is replacing Libor—at least that’s the plan.

SOFR is different from Libor in three key respects: It’s based on real transactions, not just bank quotes; it provides only an overnight rate, whereas Libor offers rates for seven maturities ranging from one day to one year; and it’s a secured rate, derived from repurchase agreement transactions that are collateralized by U.S. Treasuries.



6. That’s about $3.5 million in mining fees!

5. There’s always another ass—et.

4. Can’t wait to hear the backstory on this…

3. Lovin’ the show. These are the ones to follow.

2. As a reasonable hedge against inflation…

1. Office MicroStrategy press release from today and more background on why they bought bitcoin.

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