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EMP events and DeFi

Before we get to the Top 10 Tweets from today…

2020 has been a crazy year…

Hurricanes, tornadoes, pandemics, earthquakes, and fires—one that almost burned down my college in Santa Cruz, CA two weeks ago!

Everyone working remote with video and phone.

The internet seamlessly connecting everything as envisioned. All powered by electricity.

The only thing missing? An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.

An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is an intense burst of energy that can be released by a nuclear weapon detonated high in the atmosphere, or by a geomagnetic disturbance caused by natural phenomena such as solar flares.

- June 4, 2019 in National Defense Magazine

I only bring this up because I met someone at a conference a few years ago, and she was absolutely certain there would be a EMP event that year. Her concern: the world isn’t ready; the U.S. gov’t isn’t doing enough.

As you can imagine, the experience scared the living daylights out of me—literally.

We are all connected by electricity. Our phone batteries are good for 6-10 hours.

A shutdown of electricity would bring workers and the economy to the ground. We’d all be unable to connect virtually.

It’d be worse than the pandemic shutdown in March/April.

How would we all connect via the internet if large portions of it are down.

Closed businesses, expiry of food, traffic lights, and banking services…I could go on…you can see the magnitude of the not having electricity for 3-6 months. Remember when the stay-at-home guidance was 8 weeks for the pandemic.

The takeaway? It’s time to get a home generator: Lowe’s and Home Depot. However, I’m not even sure if a home generator would withstand an EMP event. A random Google search returned home generator guidance on whether a generator would withstand an EMP event.

That Powerwall from Telsa is starting to sound like a good idea.

I know a EMP event is far-fetched, so it’s just a random thought I had as a I wonder with everything exploding upward (e.g., stocks, money supply, expectations), what external event will bring things back down to earth—preferably not in a sharp downward move. That March correction was quite scary, yet everything bounced back—thanks to the money supply and Federal Reserve programs.

Now for the Top 10 Tweets.


10. I earned by battle scars from the 1999/2000 bubble.

9. There is always this comparison. Not sure why it’s used so much. I used to believe it in 2001.

8. Case in Point: YFI

7. I suppose I’ll wait this crop yield out.

6. Click for Tweet thread

5. Following Matcha and ZRX.

4. Raoul is almost always on mark.

3. So true…I expected many more projects to go to zero in the last bear market, yet many are still worth billions.

2. Impressive

1. I suspect if I put a DeFi tweet as the number #1 tweet, we are probably near the short-term top for DeFi. I always pick the top to buy—unless I pick the bottom. Then again, what’s another $10 billion dollars into DeFi. I thought Google was overvalued. I thought Amazon was overvalued. Yet both are 10-20X higher than most people ever imagined.

Bonus Tweet

Share 101 Blockchain St

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