Top 10 Tweets

Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 10PM

10. QE4ever

9. Former Chairman of the CFTC runs the Digital Dollar Project. It’s quite an initiative.

8. Every so often, there’s an update on Stellar. Something to always be watching.

7. Negative yielding debt chart. Yes, that’s in trillions of dollars!

6. Imagine buying Bitcoin and then selling too early? What’s too early? Time horizon is different for everyone.

5. Bitcoin at $10.

About nine months ago, Bitcoins traded for roughly a nickel each; they spiked to nearly $30 a piece in June, but have since settled down to just north of $10.

4. Mark me down for October 2001.

3. Chart patterns — be careful. It’s not always what they seem.

2. Set aside an hour and watch.

1. Take 5 mins and watch this video.

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Crypto reference links:

·       Download the CashApp to buy Bitcoin.

·       Open a Coinbase Pro account to trade Bitcoin.

·       With the Fold app, earn Bitcoin from your everyday purchases.

·       Earn tokens for watching intro to crypto videos on Stellar & Orchid.

·       Start visiting for market data and for crypto company disclosures. Better yet, download their apps: CoinCap & Messari.

·       Invest $100 into startup crowdfund campaigns: