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Washing away crypto losses

10. That’s a Goldman Sachs report on crypto as an asset class.

9. Some pages from the report

8. So true

7. Barry, what’s up?

6. Nic Carter

5. Stacks ecosystem expanding. I’ll be sharing more and more news.

4. Chainlink and Stacks

3. Abra’s “Money Talks” YouTube Show is back! Bill Barhydt is one of my favorite people in crypto.

2. Mid-July 2017 was a painful decline. The last few days few like that.

1. Wash rules for crypto. Recognizing losses. Waiting 30 days or move into a correlated asset.

To be on the safe side, wait 30 days. Or switch into a correlated asset and recognize the loss.

Wash Sales in Crypto: What Are the Rules?


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