Daily Top 10 Tweets

Wild, wild, wild day.

10. Visual Capitalist on Bitcoin’s Historical Corrections

9. The bottom fell out.

Then it’s ungone

8. Dollar Cost Averaging on a weekly basis

7. I always hate graph overlays, but here we are because trend is supposed to look similar.

6. 2021 graph overlay vs. 2013

5. Pantera graphs rock!

4. Ok, I get it, but what about a 53% correction?

3. Mark your calendars!

2. Bill Miller says…

1. Ark’s target remains BTC at $500,000!

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Bonus Tweets

Repost from mid-April. Click for subtweet

Be careful out there. Never invest like this.

Coordinated sell to crash the price?

Change in Fed policy?

This is actually very positive news!

Ark investing in $COIN.

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